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Swimming Pool Fill In Process – Our Detailed 20 Step ProcessFree Estimate
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Step by Step: Pool Fill-In Procedure

In Home Consultation

We will meet with you at your home to look at the existing swimming pool, take measurements and determine the best point of access to your yard for our machinery. We will get an idea of the type of finish you are looking for, whether it be fresh new sod or any hardscaping you may have in mind.

Fill in Proposal / Contract

An email will be sent to you with the swimming pool fill in proposal and contract. Included in the proposal will be a detailed list of the scope of work and steps involved. We will also include demolition time lines, pricing and payment structure.

Contract Signing / Locates

We will meet to finalize and sign the contract. Once the contract is signed, we will contact all underground services and obtain all locates prior to demolition.  Any by-laws and permits necessary will be obtained and followed accordingly.


Our crew will arrive at your home with all our machinery to begin the demolition.

Removal of Gas Lines

The gas lines leading from the gas meter to the swimming pool pump house will be disconnected and capped off. All work is performed by a G licensed professional gas fitter.

Drain the Swimming Pool

The pool will be pumped out with an electric pump; the water will be drained into the city sewer.

Removal of Swimming Pool Liner

The existing vinyl liner will be cut out removed from swimming pool and disposed of.

Jack Hammer Pool Sidewalks

The concrete around the outer perimeter of the swimming pool will be jack hammered into smaller pieces to allow for proper drainage once filled into the pool.

Jack Hammer Shallow End Floor

Using an excavator the shallow end floor will be jack hammered and the concrete broken up. This step is necessary to insure proper drainage so that no water settles in the pool once the fill in is complete.

Remove Shallow End Steps

The steps to the shallow end of the pool will be removed and disposed of if they are made of plastic materials. If they are composed of concrete they will be broken up and placed in the deep end.  Our machinery will now enter the shallow end of the pool where the steps used to be.

Jack Hammer Deep End Floor

With the excavator now in the shallow end of the pool we will reach in and jack hammer the deep end floor of the pool. All the concrete in the deep end of the pool will be broken up.  This will allow for drainage and insure that no water is able to settle at the bottom of the pool.

Fill in Sidewalk

Now that all the concrete is broken up at the bottom of the pool in both the deep end and the shallow end we will fill in the sidewalk that was previously broken up in Step 8 into the bottom of the pool.

Removal of Galvanized Steel Side Walls

The side walls of the pool are constructed using galvanized steel sheets approx 4 feet in height surrounding the entire perimeter of pool. The galvanized steel surrounding the pool will be cut up, torn out and removed to a local recycling plant.

Removal of Water Circulation & Heating Lines

The plastic PVC piping which is used for water circulation and heating of the swimming pool will be excavated from the perimeter of the pool and disposed of.

Fill in Pool with Clear Fill Top Soil

The pool is now ready to be filled in. Dump trucks will arrive with clean fill top soil. The soil will be placed on the road and moved into the backyard using skid steers or front end loaders depending on the amount of access at the side of the yard.

Fill & Compaction

The excavator and the skid steer will work simultaneously throughout the fill in process. The skid steer will move the soil to the back yard while the excavator will be used to compact the soil and spread it into the pool. The soil will be compacted and graded by the excavator from the very bottom of the pool right to the top.

Final Grading & Premium Top Soil

The last remaining one foot in depth of the pool and entire yard will be filled with premium top soil. The premium soil will promote excellent sod growth and plant growth in the future.


After the yard has been graded and the premium soil has been added it is now time for sodding. We purchase only the highest quality sod freshly cut the same day for installation on your home. The sod is now rolled out and cut into place.

Project Assessment & Final Clean Up

With the project nearing completion we will take a walk through the jobsite to answer any questions you may have. We will make any changes necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result. We will thoroughly clean up the work site area, any damage to any turf or hardscaping that may have been caused during demolition will be put back to its original state.

Job Completion

The job is now complete. All that is left is for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your newly transformed landscape.

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